Breakfast for Dinner: Cauliflower Stir Fry

My sleep schedule has been off because I have been working night shift for the past couple of days. So, naturally I woke up at three in the morning and decided to eat cook dinner for breakfast.

Trader Joe’s had a cauliflower stirfry frozen meal that I was curious to try. It had cauliflower as well as some red peppers, corn, and green beans. I added fresh red pepper. I also added a vegan fried chicken like a substitute for some protein. It overall tasted pretty good. I think without the red pepper or the vegan fried chicken that the cauliflower stirfry might taste plane. I didn’t add any sauces but I guess you could put some soy sauce or any sauce of your choice.

In other news, I receive my mini waffle maker and I’m really excited to try to use it. I bought some guava pancake mix as well as a taro flavored pancake mix. I cannot make pancakes to save my life because they always come out deformed!! I have high hopes for my mini waffle maker. I just need to buy some fresh fruits to add and maybe a different type syrup. I’m excited to get my waffle experiments on!!


Black Panther! ROAR.


Before I read reviews of Black Panther, I’d like to have some fresh thoughts. I watched it in this evening and thought it was great. It wasn’t Aaa-mazing, but it was good. The comedic relief was balanced. The action scenes sufficed. I would have preferred to see the land of Wakanda a bit more grand. The movie excelled in their way to bringing important discussions into light with having both sides of the political view in display. It definitely makes you think!

Some questions…

  1. Why does Wakanda have all this metal?
  2. Did they use this metal to make them invisible to the world?
  3. If the villian burned all the purple flowers, is there a way for them to grow? Is there a secret purple flower garden somewhere?
  4. Will Wakanda actually share or tell everyone about the purple magical metal?
  5. Who let the dogs out? [insert sound here by the vegetarian mountain tribe]. I couldn’t help it!
  6. Is there going to be a sequel or will it be weaved into all the Marvel movies?

Now, I shall read some reviews. Hope you all enjoy the movie!

Altered Carbon and Failed Alfredo Sauce


Netflix came out with a new show called, “Altered Carbon, and my husband recommended I watch it. I wasn’t impressed with the first thirty minutes of the episode but it picked up. ::::STOP NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS:::::

Basically, humans’ minds are now inside DHF which is similar to a USB. They put it in other bodies or “sleeves.” The rich can constantly put it in sleeves and therefore are called “Meths” (short for Methuselah) because they can technically live forever. Tak is the main character and tries to solve a mystery but also the show goes into other things. It tackles on the thought about eternity and a higher power. It also contains blood, fights, nudity, GREAT visuals, and artificial intelligence. The show was overall entertaining but soooooo close to being better. The comedic relief sometimes seemed forced and predictable which would have made it better. The other thing which I thought they could improve in was the motivation of the villain. “I did this for us” was her excuse…but how is having a horrible and illegal club in the clouds a good thing, especially when it involved children? Her purpose for being evil should have been explained better. I would probably watch season 2, but the book version seemed boring.



The photo below is probably the most appetizing thing you’ve seen all day? NOT. Okaaayyyy, I tried to make this because I was really excited about a greek yogurt based alfredo sauce. Most of the store ones have eggs in them and I can’t (not supposed) to eat eggs due to my allergy/food intolerance. I was inspired by this recipe and but changed it to zoodles. SERIOUSLY, everything was going right with the sauce until I turned my back on it and I guess the yogurt decided to take a vacation and disappear! Soooo, then it tasted too much of parmesan. It was ALRIGHT, but very runny and didn’t have that nice thick consistency it had before I left it in the pot for too long. SIGH. Another one bites the dust.


Embryonic Stage of Bullet Journaling

I have been very interested in bullet journaling for the past year, but I was too scared to start it or that I was worried I wouldn’t have time since I work 80 hours a week sometimes. In the wormhole of Youtube, I watched multiple hours of 2018 setups and January setups. Everyone had such fuel for the new year and I wanted to join in! It’s NOW or never. Plus, I wanted to use the creative side of my brain and learn how to draw and hand lettering.

I’m on a tight budget so I didn’t get too fancy with my supplies and tried to use whatever pens I had at home. I got my bullet journal at Michaels for $5 after watching this review and reading this review. SOLD. $5 with the Michaels coupon! SCORE. I also bought one Sakura Micropen and I had previously been gifted the Tombow pens.

I could tell you the basics of bullet journal but since I’m an embryo with this then I’m probably not the best person to explain. I would recommend searching “bullet journal” and there is a plethora of information. PLETHORA. MOUNTAIN. GALAXY. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes.

I kept my setup as simple as I could and put my work schedule in since sometimes we need 6 month planning in advance.

2018 Future Log | The boxed squares represent shifts. The highlighted portions represent when a new rotation beings. Fortunately, I only have FOUR more months of residency left! I also tried to discern my clinic days but those are usually scheduled 3 months in advance and some months don’t have clinic. The blue squares are for random notes I need to write about that month. Some people have a financial tracker or budget but I use the Fudget app and an Excel sheet which as been working for me.


I wanted to try to remember per month what were my favorite products and what I was really obsessed with.  I also wanted to keep have a gratitude log and a prayer log so those went into these pages.


Below is the “jellyfishmind page” which essentially serves as a notes or “brain dump” page.


2018 February Monthly and Weekly Log | The theme for February is “moonlight love.” It was inspired by a couple of things: 1) I am working night shift 2) one of my soul’s sister birthday is that month and she LOVES purple 3) it’s Valentine’s day month, duh. I’m NOT the best drawer or doodler, so I literally had to look up tutorials on step by step guides to draw. It also took me FOREVER to figure out how to get the squares in the monthly calendar correctly. That’s probably something I’m gonna have to work on.



Easy Leftovers and Beginning Bullet Journal

The other day I made vegan jjajangmyeon, and I had some leftover recipe materials. So, I mix them all together and came up with a short but filling dinner. The meal consists of a mixture of the shiitake mushrooms, Portabella mushrooms, and onions. I sautéed these three ingredients. Then I added some sautéed spinach as well as a fresh avocado. I also used the soy sauce version that Trader Joe’s has that is made out of apparently coconuts to give it a little more punch. You could probably add any other type of sauce to this. You could even add some black beans or salsa to give it more of a Mexican flavor. Maybe this will be something I will try out. I honestly believe that avocado makes almost any dish better. I haven’t tasted avocado with pasta yet so maybe not that.

I have been looking into bullet journaling since last year, and finally came through. Everyone on YouTube is setting up the new journal for the year 2018. I want to start it now even though I didn’t finish my previous planner. I just want to gain this momentum as I start my bullet journaling beginning. I’m also in this really tight budget because I’m trying to go on more trips this year. I looked for pans within the same diameter range that I already had and I also bought a journal from Michael’s or it was affordable. I will write about this in a future post. I’m excited to keep this up!



It’s been a hot second since I did an empties post. I honestly think I kept these for over a year in preparation for this overdue post.

L’Oreal Age Perfect Night Cream: I enjoyed using this. I felt that it was moisturizing and that it had anti-aging benefits. They have updated this product since it’s use and I haven’t tried the new formulation.

Missha Waterproof Sun Milk 50 SPF: This stuff was very milky. It is white. The texture and consistency is liquid. I also felt that this product had a strong scent. It would tend to dry up on my skin and leave dry patches. It’s a no repurchase for me!

Missha Time Revolution Treatment Essence: I love this! My skin was balanced. I had less breakouts. I also enjoyed the scent. I’ve never tried the SK-II version of this, but I would repurchase this again.

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair: This was a thick serum which did provide me with moisturization. I’m hesistate when I review anti-aging products because I’m not really sure what to look. I guess…I don’t look older and I don’t see any wrinkles forming. Works for me!

Luna Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil: I was very excited to use this product because of all it’s hype. It’s a sleeping oil that has a blue tint. I’m so-so for this product but I would likely not repurchase due to the price. My skin had no breakouts. It didn’t have much affect on pores. I don’t usually have redness so I can’t attest to that. Again, as with the other anti-aging products, I didn’t see any wrinkles…but time will tell.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara: I have the sample and the full size version of this mascara. It holds a curl. It makes my lashes appear thicker and longer. I would repurchase!


Happy New Year and Vegan Jjajangmyeon

Happy new year! I know, it’s February! This is my first post of the year 2018. There have been many things that has happened since my last post but I am hoping to update my blog more often since I finally got a new phone. I downloaded the WordPress app on my phone and hopefully this will motivate me to blog more.

Today I will write about my newest adventure. Well, not really. I enjoy cooking. I didn’t enjoy cooking before but it all started during medical school. When residency started, I didn’t have a lot of time like I did in medical school to cook. However, this week I was able to make a Korean dish. I always see them eating this in Korean dramas and always wondered what it tasted like. The dish is called jjajangmyeon and is usually made with pork. The base is a black bean sauce.

The recipe I found was for a vegan version of this dish which was great because I didn’t want to eat pork. This was on YouTube and instructions seemed easy to follow. Recipe here! My husband enjoyed eating it. I initially enjoyed eating it but I think I put too much ginger that I can’t eat it anymore. I think next time that I cook it I would like to add more mushrooms, less onions, and definitely less ginger.