May Bujo

I must admit that it’s been getting hard to keep up with a bullet journal. I still enjoy it but sometimes too many things are going on. My theme this month is time because it’s about time that the snow stops and the flowers bloom.


April Bullet Journal

It’s been a hot minute since my last post. Here’s my April layout. I’m trying to keep positive this month so hence the tulips which were a bit hard to draw. I also tried a vertical layout for my weekly planner and a one page for the monthly which I am digging!

Mini Taro Waffles

The other day I made mini waffles. I was so excited to receive the mini waffle maker in the mail. I also got Taro flavored pancake mix from when I was in Hawaii. It didn’t have much of a flavor to it but it was still good. I liked the waffle maker because it was easy to use and fast. I probably made about six waffles in under 10 minutes. They are small though, very small, but really cute!

Tteok-bokki Sorta-ish

So I tried to make this popular Korean dish the other day and ultimately failed. I mean, it’s not even RED. It tasted fine, but it didn’t have that nice gochutang redness and flavor. I still have ingredients left over so I’m gonna try again. Maybe I put too much stock or added too much black bean sauce? I also totally did not have any green onions! Whyyyyyyyyyy…sigh….to my next food adventure!!

Recipe I tried following is here:

Married to Medicine Season 5

I can’t recall if I’ve ever written about Married to Medicine on here, but here goes. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE REUNION SHOW. I can’t believe I’ve been watching this show for five years. The characters have really grown but also stayed to their core. It’s been an interesting five years. JUST LOOK AT THIS TRAILER!

The topic of season 5 was all about marriages. The past seasons were mostly arguments and miscommunications among the characters. This season seems more realistic…in reality TV. As I have been on my own mini reality show (thanks, TLC!), it can be unnatural BUT this season the ladies were handling some RAW stuff. Every other blog and social media comments have their opinions, but I truly believe that we don’t have the full picture of what’s going on; only a snip of their lives, everything else is presumption.

Dr. Simone: What really happened between her and Cecil? The show ended with them in good terms but they are actually filing for divorce now! What will next season hold…reconciliation or will it highlight strong, single women? OR will it be married to medicine…but not married anymore and single but ready to mingle?

Dr. Jackie: Her arc this season was surrounding the infidelity in her marriage. Honestly, this woman needs a break! Breast cancer…TWICE…infertility…on top of serious sleep deprivation for medical school and residency in OB-GYN! Life is short, you do you boo! She has chosen to forgive her husband and work on their marriage. More power to her! Hope things work out for good!

Dr. Heavenly: She is savage in the solo interviews! I’m glad she’s trying to be a better person, but she’s right. The more you try to be good, the more challenges you will face. It was so sweet of her to get her husband that time with his dad’s grave. Heavenly walking out of an argument? GROWTH.

Dr. Contessa: She was the newcomer to the show and I thought from her preview introductions that she would be more argumentative. She was actually the least out of all the ladies. In reality shows, either the newcomer is a beast or a puppy. She was more in the middle. I’m interested to see how her life becomes after quitting medicine. It definitely is a hard decision especially because it’s something you spent years and years to get to. It’s part of you, but I hope she has found her balanced.

Toya: I really like when she has straight her. OK, I know, random. Season 1 was a BIG fight with Mariah but they really patched things up. I like that about Toya. She is all about moving on and bringing things that bother her to the surface. Financial debt is tasking in anyone’s life and definitely is a life lesson.

Quad: Some say she’s theatrical and dramatic, but she’s so entertaining. Her topic this season was her marriage as the other ladies. I don’t know if they’ll end up together forever, but it’s hard to see them argue. I also feel like I’m missing part of the story. She describes “masculine things” to do around the house and “throwing the garbage.” She said she doesn’t have that emotional connection. I just can’t pin point what she needs out of their marriage exactly which is why I feel that there is more editing going on. Their arguments are painful to watch because it can go for zero to SPACE in like two sentences.

Mariah: Although she’s not in the main video montage introduction, she has been in EVERY season. Perhaps because she’s supposed to be a producer of the show. BUT, if she’s on so much, how come she isn’t in the introduction. I agree with some of the comments from other viewers that she didn’t seem as loud as the other seasons, less arguments than previous. I still enjoy watching Mariah’s funny comments on the solo interview.

I support all the ladies. I don’t know for certain if she or he is fake because I don’t know them personally. I just wish them the best in their lives and it’s always sad when love doesn’t conquer all. I will say, that I am highly entertained. :::CLAP:::CLAP:::CLAP::: The reunion show cannot come any sooner! Anyone else excited as I am?



March Bullet Journal

March! Come soon! I am so over February, mostly because I am working night shifts so I don’t see any light in the cold winter months in Minnesota. My theme for March was inspired by St. Patrick’s day and the luck of the Irish because GURLLLL I need every single lucky charm right now. I am hoping to get lucky next month with certain goals and wanted my theme to reflect that. Again, I’m NOT the best drawer but there was a tutorial online on how to draw a pot of gold and it was easy to follow.



I used the same layout as February for my monthly and my weekly spread but added more logs to track. I’m still not sure whether about goals and notes. Sometimes I have these random “to do” or ideas and I’m not sure where to put them. I figured goals would be “big things” while notes could be “little things.” I still really like the two week horizontal layout, but I might try a vertical layout next month. Something I think I need is a more organized meal log. I have it listed in “yum and noms” but I put recipe ideas there. In my weekly log on the far left, I try to plan out what I should end. I’ll see how that goes and check out other meal layouts to see which one would work best.










I hope everyone has plenty of luck next month!

Breakfast for Dinner: Cauliflower Stir Fry

My sleep schedule has been off because I have been working night shift for the past couple of days. So, naturally I woke up at three in the morning and decided to eat cook dinner for breakfast.

Trader Joe’s had a cauliflower stirfry frozen meal that I was curious to try. It had cauliflower as well as some red peppers, corn, and green beans. I added fresh red pepper. I also added a vegan fried chicken like a substitute for some protein. It overall tasted pretty good. I think without the red pepper or the vegan fried chicken that the cauliflower stirfry might taste plane. I didn’t add any sauces but I guess you could put some soy sauce or any sauce of your choice.

In other news, I receive my mini waffle maker and I’m really excited to try to use it. I bought some guava pancake mix as well as a taro flavored pancake mix. I cannot make pancakes to save my life because they always come out deformed!! I have high hopes for my mini waffle maker. I just need to buy some fresh fruits to add and maybe a different type syrup. I’m excited to get my waffle experiments on!!